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Wedding & Event Planner

I am Michelle, owner of Okanagan Event Planners. I appreciate you taking the time to check us out.

My passion for event planning began in 2009, when I planned my own destination wedding in Scotland for 150 people. It was all done by myself, and it took a tremendous amount of planning and organization, as it was all done from Edmonton, Alberta. I loved the challenge of having to source vendors, and bring my vision to life for my own special day. After that, I was hooked. Paired with my desire to find any reason to bring friends together for a party, it’s no surprise that Okanagan Event Planners was born.

I love coordinating weddings and all other events. I would say that my great attention to detail as well as the ability to work with others helped me get where I am today. I continuously strive to learn something new everyday; I love to educate myself and then share what I know with clients to bring them a fantastic event.

Okanagan Event Planners provide seamless support for couples who are planning a wedding in the Okanagan and require assistance with wedding planning, wedding design, wedding coordination and itineraries of activities to surround the wedding weekend.

We completely appreciate that planning a wedding can come with its fair share of stress and uncertainty, we’re here to take all that away from you and support you in any way we can on the run up to your wedding.

We pride ourselves on spending a great deal of time understanding exactly what your needs and wants are, your budget, and your vision for your big day.

Okanagan Event Planners has the experience, skills, and contacts to make sure nothing is forgotten, so that you and your loved ones can simply enjoy your day.

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