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The Okanagan in British Columbia is the place that offers you all the peace and solitude you desire. The beaches and mountains surrounding the Okanagan Valley create a picturesque landscape, making it an ideal place to get married.

At Okanagan Event Planners we are experienced in planning luxury weddings. This means you can rely on our expert wedding planners and our network of trusted local suppliers, so you can simply focus on your special day!

Why Hire a Wedding Planner?

Your wedding day is the perfect opportunity to collate all of your most experiences, re-design, and relive them with people that mean the most to you. I’m sure you already know what you want from your wedding day, but maybe you don’t have the amount of how to plan, design, and coordinate.
  1. Weddings typically happen once in a lifetime. Your want your wedding day to go as perfectly as possible while you enjoy all of the fun and celebrations. At Okanagan Event Planners, I personally ensure that every single is taken care off.
  2. Budget Management, we have you covered! I will work with you to set a budget and then help you stick to it, stretching your budget as far as it will go.
    By understanding what is important to you, I will help you determine what items can be cut from the budget so you can afford to get what you want.
  3. Providing a Luxury Wedding Experience.
    As a wedding planner, I aim to provide a complete bespoke experience for each of my clients. You should enjoy every moment of that special time seeing your vision come to life.
  4.  Time is precious, Don’t waste it. There are hundreds of excellent wedding industry supplies to choose from. Knowing where to start and who is right for you, is one of the hardest tasks. My job is to research the right fit for you, saving you time and energy!




Rebecca & Mark

“My wedding day was absolutely wonderful. I had Michelle as my wedding planner. Michelle planned my whole wedding from start to finish. Michelle took my vision for the day and brought it to life and so much more. My stress levels were reduced so much thanks to Okanagan Event Planners. Her emergency bridal kit was a life saver on our special day. I would highly recommend this company to any bride!”

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“My wife was turning 60 and I wanted to make it one to remember. We met with Michelle to go over our theme we wanted for the evening. Liz loves high heeled shoes, the color purple, and simplicity so this was the theme we went with. Okanagan Event Planners definitely delivered our wishes. We were thrilled to bits and loved every minute of the night. Michelle is highly professional and goes above and beyond to make a wonderful memory for everyone involved. I would like to thank Michelle, and would recommend Okanagan Event Planners to anyone planning an event.”


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